Sultan Blades
All my Knives & Sheaths are made the old fashioned way, (with blood,sweat & tears!), by hand from scratch and using the best materials and they are all individual and unique items.
Sultan Blades  has proudly served the knife community for over 20 years, offering one of the largest selections of custom handmade and production knives on the internet. We sell and consign knives, but outstanding customer service is the core of our business. Putting knives in the hands of people who love knives is what we do best.
i makes every types of knives like Hunting knives, skinning knives, Bowie knives, Bushcraft Knives, Swords, Tomahawks, Kitchen Knives, Outdoor Knives, Fighter Knives, Throwing Knives, Pocket/Folding Knives
i use O1 Steel , D2 Steel , J2 Steel , 1095 High carbon Steel, Tool Steel And Damascus Steel
i am best in Damascus steel we used 15N20 steel forged with 1095 High carbon steel ..
i have enjoyed serving our customers since 2007 by building high quality, handcrafted knives at a fair price. i am so sure you will love our knives,. We would like to thank you for choosing Sultan Blades and we are honored to call you part of our family.
                                                                                 Knife Care
How should I care for my knife?First of all, be careful, these blades are extremely sharp! To preserve the quality of the blade and wooden handle, our knives should be hand-washed. Dry thoroughly after washing or rinsing. For non-stainless steel knives, we recommend coating the blade with a high quality food grade oil before storing.
To maintain the handle:Each handle arrives at your doorstep sealed with food safe butcher's block oil and a mixture of natural beeswax & walnut oil. It will stay beautiful with an occasional reapplication of beeswax and/or high quality oil, such as walnut or mineral oil.
To sharpen & maintain the blade:To maintain the finest edge, we recommend using a 900 or 1200 grit hand-held sharpening stone (available in our store) in place of a traditional "sharpening" steel, followed by a few strops. Maintaining the edge in this manner should keep the knife from having to be fully re-sharpened. End-grain cutting boards are easier on knives, and we recommend them. Glass cutting plates are harder than steel, and are not recommended, as they will dull the knife’s edge.

Sultan Blades